Aliens: Crucible

Aliens: Crucible

Obsidian Entertainment, the dev team behind KOTOR II and NeverWinter Nights 2, have signed with Sega to create an RPG based on the Alien film franchise.

aliens crucible gameplay

Cancelled Game: Aliens: Crucible RPG

Aliens: Crucible (Developed by Obsidian Games) in Games We Never Knew. I spoke with the Creative Director of AC, Chris Avellone and got some of his feedback around the cancellation. A link to Chris’s Twitter can be found below. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to rate, comment and Subscribe your faces for more!

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Aliens Crucible [RPG] Gameplay Footage

This is the only video showing gameplay footage of the cancelled RPG Aliens Crucible by Sega. I originally discovered the footage on the summer of 2009 hosted in a public web server from a devs’ portfolio. I later updated it onto Youtube in January 2010. This upload is the original non-tagged and best quality version of that video.

The file dates from November 2007 and shows prototype footage. Most of the assets shown here are placeholders and are in no way representative of how the game looked at later stages.

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