FCC Proposal Would Force ISPs To Inform You About Hidden Fees, Data Caps, And More

FCC Proposal Would Force ISPs To Inform You About Hidden Fees, Data Caps, And More

The FCC is working toward ensuring you’re protected against unfair fees from your ISP.

FCC to Consider Expanding FM Radio to 82-88 MHz, Replace TV Channel 6

In this video I talk about how the FCC will begin a discussion on whether or not to expand the FM band to 82-88 MHz where TV channel 6 is currently located. This could potentially bring up to 30 new radio stations in certain areas. If this proposition passes what would happen to TV stations on channel 6?

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What Does Your ISP Know About You?

Can your ISP see everything you send and receive through their pipes, or is it more complicated than that?

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Crumbling the Supercookie and Other Ways the FCC Protects Your Internet Traffic

by Travis LeBlanc & Jonathan Mayer

You’ve probably heard of network neutrality. In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission enacted transformative rules that prohibit Internet service providers from blocking, throttling, or creating “fast lanes” for online content. The Open Internet Order protects your right to enjoy the lawful content, applications, services, and devices of your choosing. But it also empowers the FCC to protect the security and privacy of your Internet traffic. This talk will give an overview of the FCC’s security and privacy authorities, which now cover broadband Internet service, as well as telephone, cable, and satellite connectivity. We will explain how the FCC investigates violations of federal communications law, and how it brings enforcement actions against offenders. In just the past two years, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau has initiated several high-profile law enforcement actions related to security and privacy. We required Verizon to stop injecting a unique identifier “supercookie” into third-party web requests, unless a customer consents. We also required AT &T and Cox to improve their customer information safeguards, after their security failures led to information on hundreds of thousands of customers getting unacceptably and unnecessarily exposed.*

Most recently, the FCC formally proposed new Internet security and privacy rules. The Commission recommended that, if your Internet service provider wants to share information from or about you, it should first obtain your affirmative, opt-in consent. We will explain how the rulemaking process functions, and how you can file comments on FCC proceedings. We will also leave time for a Q & A session. Whether you’d like to ask about net neutrality, robocalls, wifi router firmware (we know many of you have thoughts about that mixup!), or anything else communications related, this is your opportunity. In fact, you can even ask about your cable appointment we bet you didn’t know the FCC has rules about that, too!