Hands-on: Rival Schools 2

Hands-on: Rival Schools 2

We give the latest Capcom fighter, Rival Schools Fighting Diary 2, a play through.

Project Justice: Rival Schools 2/Moero! Justice Gakuen – Dreamcast – Intro – Gameplay – Quickplay

Intro and Quickplay gameplay of the Japanese version of Project Justice: Rival Schools 2/Moero! Justice Gakuen for the Sega Dreamcast.

Running on my Sega Dreamcast and captured with an Elgato Game Capture HD.

One year has passed since the events of Rival Schools: United By Fate and that things have gone back to normal in Aoharu City. Batsu Ichimonji, Hinata Wakaba, Kyosuke Kagami, and the rest of the fighters had resumed their normal school lives and that all of them had enjoyed the calm peace that came after their last adventure, but the peace itself doesn’t last for long and that the fighters would soon find themselves getting involved in a new struggle.

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Rival Schools 2 Legion of Heroes

Opening of Rival Schools II
Legion of Heroes

Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 – Rooftop Extended

I don’t own shit. All rights go to the owners. I just wanted to make an extended version of the best piece of the OST.