How to Login In QuickPayPortal QuickPayPortal is an on-line patient payment portal developed by Pallas Athene health to simply accept payment online. it’s one among the most effective bill Payment Portal within the United States. The patient or patient’s caretaker will simply pay the bill on-line on code. Therefore, let’s understand it thoroughly.

How to Login In QuickPayPortal

Before starting the use of this portal, it’s necessary that every and each client register themselves on this portal. Signing up on this portal is very simple and it hardly needs any time and efforts of the customers. Have a glance at the steps explained below to finish your registration procedure simply.Firstly, to begin with, visit the official website of this portal at the address

  • Now, you will see the “Sign Up” option on the topmost right side of this portal. Visit
  • Now, you will be redirected to the page where some basic details like your name, last name, contact details, email address, etc. will be inquired.
  • Submit all the required details, verify it once, and tap “Submit”.
  • Now, you will be asked to set the username and password that you wish to use on your future visits to this portal.
  • We highly recommend keeping the username and password unique and hard to guess.
  • Now, you will be displayed a set of terms and conditions. Go through it once, and give your consent regarding the same.
  • At last, a message that acknowledges your registration will be displayed on your screen. It completes your registration procedure successfully on this portal.
  • It’s time to sign into your account, and clear your medical bill in a few seconds.

QuickPayPortal Usage

Do not send any messages requiring pressing attention to exploit the portal. If you’ve got any pressing medical issue Call 911 quickly. code would require email ID and password for login. Don’t share your password with anyone. If you give anyone along with your password access you’re authorizing that person to own access to your account and act on your behalf. If you would like you’ll be able to change your Password from My Profile page.

You can request portal access for yourself. you can not access the portal on behalf of others unless you’re a parent or guardian of a minor kid.
Once the Quick pay portal account is activated its Inbox is the first tool of communication. you’ve got an email ID so as to receive any new data.
We track our patient’s usage of the location. This data is accustomed to give content that’s deemed appropriate for you.

We secure that data you give the U.S. from unproved access. Personal data that you just give to the portal is transmitted via exploitation SSL protection. we have a tendency to aren’t answerable for any injury to your computer or device caused by the virus or alternative kinds of malware.
We collect and store personal data (name, age, date of birth, address, signal etc). we have a tendency to use these to supply our services. we don’t have a tendency to share this data with third-party associates for business analytics, send you email or deliveries and supply client support.


How to Login In QuickPayPortal

  • For access to billing, you have to visit the Quickpayportal official website
  • After you arrive at the home page enter in different fields the quick pay code, your date of birth, and phone number in the sign-in page. Then click on the sign-in button.
  • When you have successfully logged into the website, click on the link marked as “Billing.” The complete list of your charges will be available to you chronologically in order of your visit.
  • To pay to click on Billing and Payment
  • Then click pay online
  • Next, select a payment option such as Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking
  • Fill the fields which appear with necessary details and click pay.
  • Online payment is now successful and you will receive an acknowledgment receipt

Bill Payment At Quickpayportal

  • Visit QuickPoint Website at
  • Enter a 15-digit quick-bit code, statement id or access code.
  • Click on the “Sign up today” option to create an account on the Quickpay portal (
  • Sign in to your account by entering login details like email id, your birth date, phone number, and password. Please provide all details carefully.
  • Select the “Bill Payment” option
  • You can view your bill statement. Enter the bill amount to pay. Which can be a full bill amount or a partial bill amount.

How To Acess QuickPayPortal

  • When the site is fully loaded, you will see a text box where you can enter the code for the fast payment portal. That way you can easily pay medical bills.
  • Visit after entering your password, please enter the login button below.
  • After clicking the login button, enter your password.
  • Then type continue and follow the on-screen instructions

What you can do in QuickPayPortal

  • Backup book (date and time)
  • Review or change plans
  • Access to the patient’s medical history
  • View and update patient information
  • Ask for a prescription
  • View test results easily
  • Check medical expenses
  • Online payment for medical and consultation fees

Manage patient accounts online through the QuickPay portal

Billing and payment

Medical bills are not limited to individuals or tables. A lot of people come here, from administrators and administrators to people on stage.

QuickPay Portal

Hospital staff is annoyed with the medical costs paid as they are far more than the registration fee payable on admission at the time of visit.

  • Collect accurate patient information
  • Programming the diagnostic time
  • The rest of the services are provided to each patient.
  • Manage patient insurance claims.

QuickPayPortal Connection View Support

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The main reason many people use the QuickPay portal is that it saves a lot of money in bulk purchases.

  • It is very easy to use and you don’t need to worry about complicated procedures.
  • Most of the steps are automated, so you can get started right away.
  • If you want to make money, you can sell Quick Pay Points.


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